Whether it is due to unpredictable weather conditions or unfortunate incidents, the need for sewage clean-up service has increased everywhere. Water damages in your home can lead to structural damages and health hazards. In many Australian suburbs, it takes weeks to recover from floods and the damages caused by it.

At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, our goal is to safeguard your property from water damages. The best way to do that is by making you familiar with methods that help you manage a sewage clean-up.

Do You Have Water Damage Insurance Coverage? 

Make sure you have water damage insurance coverage and that it covers all flood damages in your home. You will need to find a reliable agent to get you a good deal on insurance coverage. Some sewage cleaning services also come with this coverage. If you think your home insurance will cover flood damage, it will not. Home insurance usually covers drainage problems, plumbing problems, burst pipes, and so on. You will need to buy separate insurance coverage for floods.

Any sewage water cleaning service will prove more beneficial if you have the right insurance. Most companies that provide water damage restoration services, also provide water damage insurance coverage. This will make things more convenient for you.

Learn About the Levels of Water Damage

1. Low-Level Water Damage

Low-level water damages include clogged drains, leaking pipes, and other water spillages. These damages require easy repairs that can be performed by you or with the help of a local plumber. You could also prevent such damages with professional sewage cleaning services.

2. Medium Level Water Damage

Medium level water damages are usually caused by burst pipes or roof leaks. This can cause structural damages to your home or commercial property. It’s best to get proper water damage restoration services for this kind of damage.

3. High-Level Water Damage

High-level water damages are caused by storms, heavy rain, floods, and other natural disasters. You always need a professional cleaning/restoration service to deal with this damage.

Learn About the Types of Water Damage

Professional water damage restoration services are required due to the different types of water damage. These water damages are usually dangerous for your health and your property. At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, sewage cleaning services by us are available for all kinds of water damages.

1. Clean Water Damage

This damage is caused by things like leaky water pipes or spillages. Unless it goes undealt for a long time, it can do no damage to you or your property. A careful sewage water cleaning can safely deal with this damage.

2. Grey Water Damage

Greywater damage is caused by kitchen sink overflows, dishwater leakages, washing machine overflows, and so on. This kind of water contains chemicals or contaminants that can cause harm to you, your carpets, and your property.

3. Black Water Damage

Blackwater damage usually contains pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants that enter your property through floods and sewage water. This water is extremely harmful for you and your property. You should immediately get professional sewage clean up services for such water damage.

Tips to Prevent Major Water Damages 

1. You have to identify the causes of water damages such as leaks and other plumbing problems. These causes require simple repair solutions.

2. Use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove all the water, but only if it comes from a clean source.

3. Dry out the carpet and other water-damaged areas as soon as possible.

4. Get rid of carpets and other things that are damaged by grey or black water. It’s the safest way to avoid health hazards at your home/commercial establishment.

5. Sanitise the water-damaged areas after proper cleaning and drying. This will deal with any remaining bacteria or contaminants.

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