A carpet with a stain leads to many permanent damages like discoloration, wrinkles, bad odour, and so on. As Canberra’s wet carpet cleaning experts, we always recommend quick response and treatment when it comes to carpet stains. From drying a wet carpet quickly to cleaning it thoroughly, our experts can provide all kinds of restoration services for your carpet.

Our Canberra’s flood restoration service also includes a DIY prevention guide. This guide will help you avoid major damages to your carpet. If you need reliable carpet drying services in Canberra, flooded carpet drying service by us is a great option for you. At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, our experts believe the best way to avoid tough stains is with DIY prevention methods.

Ways to Conduct Wet Carpet Cleaning  

1. Inspection 

Begin with a thorough inspection of your carpet. This will help you find out the causes of water damage, stains, and other damages to your carpet. These causes are usually drainage leaks, washing machine overflows, burst pipes, etc. Before you move forward with carpet cleaning and restoration, deal with all the causes of water damage and stains.

2. Moisture Removal 

You have to remove all the water from your carpet and make sure it has no moisture. This will help you avoid mould growth and permanent damages to your carpet. Our flooded carpet drying Canberra experts always recommend moisture removal before the cleaning.

3. Carpet Shampooing 

Use a certified carpet shampoo to remove all the dirt and bacteria from your carpet. This also weakens the hold of stains on your carpet. Make sure you use the right amount of water and shampoo or you may cause more damage to your carpet.

Get in touch with our wet carpet cleaning Canberra experts and learn more about carpet shampooing methods. Carpet shampooing will remove all the stains from your carpet. If it does not, your carpet may need a professional cleaning service.

4. Water and Vinegar Mixture 

Use the mixture of water and vinegar to remove tough stains from your carpet. Always use the right amount of white vinegar and water on the carpet. The pH in the vinegar will remove tough stains from your carpet. This method is safe and can be repeated until the stains are completely gone.

5. Ammonia and Hot Water 

Create a mixture of ammonia and hot water in a spray bottle. Then spray the mixture all over the carpet stains. Ammonia and hot water mixture can deal with various tough stains. You can use a cloth to soak the mixture. Our flood restoration experts have found this method highly effective against stains.

6. Steam Iron Method 

As flooded carpet drying experts, we always recommend the steam iron method for stains. Steam ironing your carpet is the quickest way to deal with stains. You can get in touch with us to learn more about this method.

7. Carpet Steam Cleaning  

You can use a new or rent a steam cleaner to deal with carpet stains effectively. Steam cleaning can restore the new look of any carpet. If you are not aware of this method, you can give us a call and our flood restoration experts will help you out.

8. Professional Carpet Cleaning Company 

If your carpet has serious water damage or tough stains, it’s best to get professional help. As wet carpet cleaning experts, we understand the importance of drying a wet carpet quickly. It can prevent the possibility of mould growth and other permanent damages to your carpet. By drying a wet carpet quickly to ensure the non-existence of stains, our cleaners at Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra can safely restore the natural state of any carpet.

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