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At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, we see how devastating any type of water damage can be to your home or business. That is the reason we utilise our most recent Top-Down drying innovation to speed the drying cycle and get you in a great place again, saving you both time and cash. All our staff are qualified and prepared to help you day in and day out any season of night or day. Call us now, and our neighbourhood Water Damage Restoration will come and save your day!




Water Damage Restoration Canberra is one of Australia’s best water damage restoration specialists, helping more than 1000 homes and organisations every year.

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra is an exceptionally client-driven organisation that brings profound information, experience and master abilities to the table.

At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, we offer the selection of the most recent innovation guarantees that we can provide our customers. We offer the best and most useful services in the most extraordinary circumstances.

We offer an assortment of flood restoration Canberra arrangements that cover a wide range of storm and flood harm.

Our customised Flood emergency services and personalised approach are a portion of different aspects that set us apart from various companies in this industry.

While the quality of Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra’s services is another aspect that recognises us in this space, you will find that we offer reasonable pricing.

We work with all the major insurance agencies in Canberra, which helps facilitate the claims cycle for you and get things in the groove again rapidly.


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Looking for a fast response time and a trusted team with proven results? For 25 years, we’ve been delivering fast, reliable, and affordable building restoration to Canberra homes and business.

Helpful Tips

At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, we realise that all floods, little or huge, can be overpowering and it is helpful to get some simple advice from the Flood Restoration Specialist Canberra that have been doing this for more than twenty years. Here are some essential tips to kick you off before our group shows up.

1. If it is necessary, call 000. On the off chance that your life is in harm’s way and there are problems like water is rising quickly and arriving at the tallness of force focuses or water is meddling with electrical wires causing smoke, empty the structure.

2. Call specialists at Water Damage Restoration Canberra. We will dispatch a group promptly, and much of the time they will reach on-site within an hour to guarantee we settle the circumstance and prevent further harm.

3. Balance out the circumstance by halting the water stream. Whenever burst pipe, turn off fundamental water to the house situated close to the service zone. Call a handyman at water damage restoration services to direct you through this process.

4. Open Doors and Windows and Fans to Create Airflow. It will help release dampness, begin the normal drying cycle and make it safe to occupy the space until we show up for flood restoration Canberra.

5. Always Wear Proper Footwear and Walk Gradually. It will help avoid mishaps and water contamination to feet and hands.

6. Turn off the power. If water is going through down-lights or power is short-circuiting and causing interference to lights or electrical appliances act rapidly. Force can be killed at the circuit box typically situated outside the front door or the front side of the house.


Asked Questions

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Are you a licensed company?

Indeed, we are a licensed and insured professional emergency flood restoration and clean up company.

My washroom had a toilet flood, and I don't know whether I should get it done without anyone else or hire help?

A simple toilet flood probably won’t appear to be a big task. However, professional assistance is advised because of the unsanitary nature of the situation.

Will insurance cover the water damage to my property?

The insurance coverage relies upon the source of the water damage. They will likewise need to ensure that you tried to prevent the damage by taking all precautions. We will help you in the insurance claim process and make it simpler for you.

What are some regular results of water damage?

If not treated on time, your property can be ruined by mould and fungi development. The design of your home can be jeopardised, and water damage may decline the value of your property. Wooden floors can rot, wallpaper can chip, and carpet can get damaged, forcing genuine health dangers.

When and why should you choose to hire only the drying equipment?

Drying hardware employ services are for those customers who have the range of abilities to work with the equipment. 

When you hire your gear, first it is less expensive, and secondly, you have more authority over the restoration project as compared with when a company would do it.

What does the water damage restoration measure include?

The specialists will initially examine the zone and assess the damage. Followed by water restoration with the assistance of our machinery. When the water is gone, the drying cycle is begun with the use of enormous dehumidifiers and heavy fans. After the process is finished, we check the moisture content and make it protected to start using once again.


Customer Reviews

Emily Graham

Team from Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra cleaned carpet for me at my home and did a great job! The crew were punctual and result was amazing!

Luke Richards

We are very pleased with the service we received. They were punctual, prompt and thorough, the result was great. I highly recommend Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra.

Ella Atherton

It is difficult to see your property getting wrecked due to floods. But what if it does? Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra can help you to restore it completely and bring it back to its former shape in minimal time.

Sam Towner

Flood damages can be difficult to deal with. But the team of Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra can make it much easy. I am thankful for their service

Stella Casper

Me and my family were looking for a hassle-free flood damage restoration service in Canberra. We appointed team of Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra and got amazing results.

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