Water damages and floods might create havoc in your home and lead to huge losses. So, in case you live in a flood zone then you are at huge risk of having a flood in your abode. Also, if you do not live in a flood zone, you might face water damage due to clogged drains and pipes. Here we have given you some steps to prevent flood and water damage in your home.

Tips For Preventing Floods or Water Damage in Your Property

1.Buy water sensors to detect floods

You get plenty of options in water detection systems, sensors, and alarms which can send you alerts in case it detects a flood or water damage. You can choose simple or complex leak detection systems in your smart home package to alarm before any disaster arrives.

2. Keep examining your sump pump and also consider changing your battery backup

Make it a habit of checking your sump pump to ensure that water has been removed with proper speed during heavy rainfalls. Also, you can consider installing a battery backup. Hence, although power goes out, still your sump pump will keep operating.

3. Make sure that debris is cleaned regularly

You should avoid piling up debris from your yard regularly to prevent it from getting flushed in your drainage pipes. If you have lots of trees in your backyard, then you can pile up all the fallen leaves and make some arrangements to dispose of them as they can get into your drain pipes and cause severe blockages.

4.Clean gutters regularly

Getting gutters and downspouts cleaned at least once in every year can be helpful for preventing water damage due to clogging of pipes. You can hire a professional who can use advanced equipment and techniques so that you get best results.

5. Enhance quality and maintenance of drainage around your abode-

Installing proper drainage systems with professional guidance and also maintaining them throughout the year is a perfect way of keeping your homes away from flood and water damage. You need to examine where the water gets accumulated after heavy rainfall and then place drainage systems in that location so that accumulation of water is curbed.

6. Close all the cracks and openings right at their beginning

Make an annual home maintenance plan and include factors such as sealing cracks and opening in that plan.  Also, keep checking if there are any new cracks or openings in your home.

7. Seal your basement windows

You can enhance the water resistance of your basement by sealing it in a proper manner. In case you have old windows, you can consider installing new windows with better seals.  New windows can enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

8. Check and upgrade drains

In case drains in your home do not have backflow prevention valves, then you can get them installed through a certified plumber. So, in case you have sewer backups, then these valves can stop the backup from invading your home.

9.Install flood skirts and barriers

You can consider attaching flood barriers on your doors and windows to help you to make your home flood proof and not allow the water to enter in your home.

10. Store some sandbags for emergency

In case you notice that flood levels are at a rise and water is about to enter your home, then in such a case these sandbags can stop water in your doorway.  So, if you stay in an area which has high risk of flooding, then storing some sandbags for emergencies is always a good idea.

Although all the above given tips can help you to prevent floods and water damage to a certain extent, still there can be a possibility of floods and water damage in your home. In such times, you need to seek professional help for water damage restoration in Canberra. Experts from professional firms can help you to deal with flood damage and revive your property and valuables from its wrath.

At Emergency Flood Restoration Canberra, we offer best water damage restoration and flood damage restoration services in Canberra to help our clients in overcoming destruction caused to flood or water damage. So, if you are someone who is facing this emergency, then call our experts now and get immediate help.

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